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  • Morgan Wade

    Morgan Wade View Profile

    Morgan Wade exploded onto the Southwest Virginia music scene playing a blend of country, folk and high-energy Americana. She was immediately noticed for her tremendous song writing and powerful voice. A not-to-be-missed live performer.

  • Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers

    Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers View Profile

    Morgan Wade exploded onto the Southwest Virginia music scene two years ago playing a blend of country, folk and high-energy Americana and jamming with a rotating group of musicians.  She was immediately noticed for her tremendous song writing and powerful voice.  Bassist Ed McGee and mandolin player Joe Link have been with Morgan from the beginning and added veteran rockers Drew Sprinkle...

  • Alan Walker

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  • Ashley Wallbridge

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  • Shane Walsh

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  • The Warplanes

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  • Nick Warren

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  • Stanton Warriors

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  • The Watters

    The Watters View Profile

    The Watters Americana | Rock | Soul   Daniel Watters and Jenna Cunningham were children growing up in the red rocks of Arizona when their mutual love of music brought them together singing at their high school graduation. Nearly a decade, several moves, a wedding, and a few name changes later, the pair set out as "The Watters" with their first official re...

  • Anthony Wayne Vibe

    Anthony Wayne Vibe View Profile

    Anthony Wayne is a singer/songwriter of a different genre. Having spent many years on the road as a solo artist and in support of many national acts, Anthony has turned his heart on sleeve approach to more of a loud stomp revival. Showcasing his unorthodox guitar style and poetic lyrics, Anthony is the real thing. nothing fake or softened, what you see is what you get.    Anth...

  • The Weekend

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  • We Were Indians

    We Were Indians View Profile

  • Nancy Whang

    Nancy Whang View Profile

    Nancy Whang is a member of LCD Soundsystem and The Juan MacLean.

  • Sonny Wharton

    Sonny Wharton View Profile

  • Jack White

    Jack White View Profile

  • The White Rabbit

    The White Rabbit View Profile

    As a classically trained pianist, music has always played a huge role in her life. Although DJ’ing began as a hobby, it quickly turned into a passion. The White Rabbit began her journey on two belt-driven turntables in November of 2009 and made her first public appearance in April 2010. Since then, she has been playing at numerous clubs and underground venues at parties in and around the Atlanta a...

  •  Whitey

    Whitey View Profile

    WHITEY is a sort-of solo project by N.J. Whitey. He is a misanthrope who spends most of his time skulking in dark corners. When he plays live, he is accompanied by the followin friends and associates – Wildcat (drums/sequencers), Scott X. Fairbrother (guitar/bass) and Shah (guitar/keys). Over the past two years Whitey and his live sidekicks have played over 200 shows alongside (amongst...

  • Jessica Who

    Jessica Who View Profile

    In her short nine years of djing, Jessica has garnered respect not only from her fellow djs, but club owners and celebrities alike for her extensive musical knowledge and commitment to her skill set. As an only child with a vibrant imagination, Jessica spent hours alone listening to her parents rock and disco records on repeat. All of her earliest childhood memories are highlighted by the songs t...

  • Rob wift

    Rob wift View Profile

    After a hiatus of 17 years, X-Ecutioners alumni Mista Sinista (former DJ for Common) and Rob Swift (former DJ for Akinyele) reunite on a 2018 US tour. Their 2 hour set is a special tribute to golden era Hip Hop. "Sin and I realize that many so called Turntablist and battle DJs of today are disconnected to the roots of Hip Hop. Not us though. Our DJ pedigree is traceable back to the originator...

  • Big Wild

    Big Wild View Profile

    Stemming from a relentless desire to create something new, Big Wild's sound taps into the natural curiosity we all share by exploring beyond conventional boundaries in music. Oh yea, he also likes to make you dance.

  • Graham Wilkinson

    Graham Wilkinson View Profile

  • Kendra Wilkinson

    Kendra Wilkinson View Profile

  • DJ Will::E

    DJ Will::E View Profile

    DJ Will::E is no newcomer to the EDM scene. Will::E was born in Long Beach, CA. He developed more of a love for music while growing up in Miami, FL. He has been hooked ever since. Will::E is one of those rare artist whose musical style is clearly recognizable. He learned to mix at age 17, he got his first break playing private events in 1998. When the dance movement began he was hooked. The love o...

  • Brian Williams

    Brian Williams View Profile

  • Tara Williamson

    Tara Williamson View Profile

    Americana | Soul California born and raised, Tara Williamson had to move to Texas to find her songwriting roots. For Tara, there isn't a memory without music in it. She started singing weekly in church at age five, songwriting at the age of sixteen, and dabbled in the live music scene of Portland, OR after college, but Austin's welcoming spirit, e...

  •  Willowz

    Willowz View Profile

    In 2002, while still in their teens, Anaheim natives Richie James Follin and Jessica Reynoza formed the Willowz.Their music was a mix of brash rock ‘n’ roll, soul, and instinctive raw punk. They recorded a 7-inch for legendary Posh Boy records produced by Follin’s step father Paul Kostabi (White Zombie, Psychotica, Y.G.M., Detours). They then toured relentlessly across Ameri...

  • Dead Winter Carpenters

    Dead Winter Carpenters View Profile

    ailing from North Lake Tahoe, Calif., Americana band Dead Winter Carpenters has built a  reputation for pouring their heart and soul into each performance. In just a few years, they have  positioned themselves, wrote Portland Metronome, “at the forefront of a youthful generation  trying to redefine what string music is and what it can do.”&nb...

  • Laurent Wolf

    Laurent Wolf View Profile

     Laurent Wolf (born Laurent Debuire on November 16, 1971 in Toulouse) is a French electro-house producer and DJ. He is the author of several compilations that contain his own tracks and also his remixes. He reached the top of the charts with his "Saxo" and "Calinda" compositions. Wolf was the winner of the DJ category in the 2008 World Music A...

  • Brian Wolff Duo

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  • Michael Woods

    Michael Woods View Profile

    Ability, originality and accomplishment. In Michael Woods' short career he has managed to touch on every cornerstone, leaving proof of his musical competence at producing big room, progressive and tech-house tracks, along with a discernible motivation to better the quality of music being distributed. This has not gone unnoticed with DJs like Pete Tong consistently throwing props his way. Fr...

  • Nick Woods

    Nick Woods View Profile

  • New World Punx

    New World Punx View Profile

  • Steven Wright

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  • Sydney Wright

    Sydney Wright View Profile

  • Marques Wyatt

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  • Noah Wylie

    Noah Wylie View Profile

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