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  •  Umphrey's Mcgee

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     Since forming in the late '90s, the musically muscular and relentlessly inventive Umphrey's McGee has cultivated an impressive presence both live and in the studio. Lauded by critics and adored by fans, the band continues to draw in new listeners with their singular style: virtuoso playing and acrobatic tempo changes and rhythmic shifts complemented by dazzling song craft and composition, me...

  • Africa Unplugged

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    Africa Unplugged is a dynamic group, led by djembe master, guitarist and songwriter, Atiba Rorie. The band uses traditional percussion instruments from West Africa in combination with guitars and bass to play traditional rhythms while drawing from influences across the world. Their creativity results in a funky, soulful blues and dance music that keeps you moving as they tell stories from the old ...

  • Caked Up

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  • Huddle Up Moms

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    We began as a group of women who came together for the Southwest Virginia Mom Expo in 2019 with the goal of empowering and educating parents on a range of topics, including exercise, physical therapy, self-advocacy, neurobiology, gynecology, nutrition, and mental health. Through the Mom Expo, we learned that there is untapped opportunity to connect mothers to each other and to resources in the ...

  • Know Ur Roots

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    "Know ur roots" created by Antonio (lead vocalist) in 2007. As of 07-09 new members reside with such diverse backgrounds coming together to form an amazing group. Know ur roots has played many venues including Liberty Park, Circle Lounge, Karumba,The Hotel, Manhattan, Easy Street, Huka Bar and private partys. Know ur Roots is currently recording more songs!

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