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  • Bob Sinclar

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     "No I don't live the playboy lifestyle," purrs Christophe Le Friant, obviously best known as Bob Sinclar. "I want the people to imagine that I am living the playboy lifestyle, but I am not really." An international man of mystery, full-time playboy, occasional spy, former arms smuggler and part-time porn star, Bob Sinclar may have been born as a mystery fiction...

  • Mista Sinista

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  • Kid Sister

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  • Roni Size

    Roni Size View Profile

    Roni started on the path of production when he was thrown out of school aged 16, but music had always been a part of his life. Born and raised in Bristol, the sounds of the 70s blues parties and sound-systems happening in the St Pauls area of the city infected Roni's bones. Meeting up with Krust in the early 90s brought two musically compatible minds together, subsequently creating Full Cycle i...

  •  Skazi

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     Skazi was formed in 1998 by Asher Swissa and Assaf B-Bass, to form a duo producing Soft Psy-Trance Electro Punk music. Swissa began his musical career as a punk rocker in 1990, when he formed a group called Sartan Hashad (en. Breast Cancer) together with three friends. The band played in small venues in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and enjoyed limited success...

  • DJ Skee

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    DJ Skee is globally recognized as one of the most influential and innovative DJ's in the world. Known for producing and marketing some of this generations biggest artists ranging from Snoop Dogg to Travis Barker, Skee also frequently performs at the biggest venues and most exclusive events across the globe with numerous a-list celebrities and for Fortune 500 companies. DJ Skee's work spawns over m...

  • DJ Skribble

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  •  Skrillex

    Skrillex View Profile

    “I’ve been deep into electronic music my entire life. The first records I ever owned were ‘Fat of Land’ by the Prodigy and ‘Come To Daddy’ by Aphex Twin,” raves Sonny Moore, better known as emerging electronic visionary SKRILLEX. “Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails were also early influences. I’ve been dabbling in making electronic tracks o...

  • Kristina Sky

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    With records out on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada, Paul Van Dyk’s Vandit and U.S. mega-label Ultra, while holding a coveted residency with West Coast power-house promoter Giant, it’s easy to see why Kristina Sky is one of America’s brightest rising stars. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she’s been DJing to thousands of enthusiastic clubbers since 2002, coast-to-coast in...

  • Nina Sky

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  • AC Slater

    AC Slater View Profile

     AC Slater has established himself as one of the most in demand remixers and producers in the world right now and his growing reputation is showing no signs of slowing down.   Raised on 90's Hip-Hop and nourished by old school rave, AC has cultivated these influences to give birth to his own style of music production. A pioneer in the current electro and heavy bass sound, AC is one of ...

  • aaron smart

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  • Christian Smith

    Christian Smith View Profile

     Christian Smith has been at the top of his game as a DJ and producer for over a decade, but despite enjoying a global reputation as one of the most evergreen performers in his field, times have never been quite as good as they are right now. Born in Sweden, Christian spent much of his youth and early adult life in Germany and America. This exposure to different cultures gave Christian a ...

  • Jump Smokers

    Jump Smokers View Profile

    Club Rockers. Chart Toppers. Floor Fillers. Remix Masters. Beat Blasters. Whisper Droppers. Radio Rulers. All terms that describe one of the leading forces in crossover dance music, Jump Smokers. The Chicago based crew have created dance club anthems that have led industry insiders to nickname them “Kings of the Dancefloor”, serving as a natural theme and title for their debut Ultra Records rel...

  • Steve Smooth

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  • DJ Snake

    DJ Snake View Profile

    If somewhere, in the vast expanse of the multiverse, there exists a planet where giant exotic birds twerk to trap and hard-style all day long under a blazing tropical sun, then DJ Snake is definitely from that planet. Hailing from Paris, France, the grammy-nominated producer exports a brand of party music so ferociously groovy that it instantly sets any party on fire, regardless of how steamy it m...

  • DJ Sneak

    DJ Sneak View Profile

    One of House music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak has the passion and drive to keep House music alive. Self-proclaimed House Gangster, Sneak has helped shape the course of dance music since the early 90s; his early music influencing the likes of Daft Punk, Bassment Jaxx and Armand Van Helden. His signature sounds – funky filtered disco-influenced house and tough, jacking beats – ...

  • Martin Solveig

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  • Trey Songz

    Trey Songz View Profile

    Grey Goose Cherry Noir Ambassador

  • Appalachian Soul

    Appalachian Soul View Profile

    Americana rooted in the rhythms of classic soul and R&B from the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia.

  • Tortured Soul

    Tortured Soul View Profile

  • Folk Soul Revival

    Folk Soul Revival View Profile

    A modern band rooted in old-school southern sounds, Folk Soul Revival whips up its own version of amplified Americana on the band's self-titled fourth record. The name says it all. Folk Soul Revival, like the band that created it, is an album that celebrates the sounds, stories, and small-town values of an earlier era, modernizing their approach with sharp songwriting and electrifying instrume...

  • KOAN Sound

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  • Sneaky Sound System

    Sneaky Sound System View Profile

    Powerhouse singer Miss Connie Mitchell and producer extraordinaire Black Angus McDonald started making beautiful music together in 2004. As their reputation grew, thanks to the still-weekly Sneaky Sundays club night in Sydney, Sneaky Sound System released their self-titled debut album in 2006. Spearheaded by a spectacular salvo of hits – think UFO, Pictures and I Love It – the album charted top 5,...

  • Sneaky Sound System

    Sneaky Sound System View Profile

    Powerhouse singer Miss Connie Mitchell and producer extraordinaire Black Angus McDonald started making beautiful music together in 2004. As their reputation grew, thanks to the still-weekly Sneaky Sundays club night in Sydney, Sneaky Sound System released their self-titled debut album in 2006. Spearheaded by a spectacular salvo of hits – think UFO, Pictures and I Love It – the album charted top 5,...

  • Dyed Soundorom

    Dyed Soundorom View Profile

     Dyed Soundorom had an unusual entrée into dance music. The owner of infamous Paris nightspot Les Bain Douches spotted something in the hyper, perma-smiling party kid and approached him with a request: “he wanted me to put on a party with an underground sound,” says Dyed with a grin. And that is what he has been doing ever since – as a promoter, DJ and especially as a...

  • Hybrid Soundsystem

    Hybrid Soundsystem View Profile

     The Hybrid Soundsystem is a step up from the Hybrid DJ sets of old. Backed by regular releases from their new Kill City label plus a portable backline of keys, sampler and laptop, Chris is finally able to deliver the club sets Hybrid have always wanted to.

  • Dirty South

    Dirty South View Profile

     Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Dirty South's producing career developed in tandem to with his DJ'ing career. He used his family computer to create remixes and mashups of other artists tracks and distributed them worldwide, which caught the attention of Australian Vicious Vinyl records, who signed him up in 2005.   In late 2006, he achieved the number one position...

  • Will Sparks

    Will Sparks View Profile

     Will Sparks is a 20- year old DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia, who is quickly rising on the electronic dance music horizon.  Being hugely successful on his home turf, the young talent is now looking to take over the global EDM scene. With his praised musical talent and energetic electro-house beats with his own twist, there is no doubt that he will soon be rocking the stages w...

  • Sam Sparro

    Sam Sparro View Profile

    Originally from Sydney, Australia, Sam moved with his family to Pasadena at the impressionable age of 10 years old where he was first introduced to the world of gospel by his Minister father. It was at church where Sam learnt he could sing and he soon attracted a plethora of high profile admirers such as Chaka Khan who was amazed that the little white boy who went to their church could sing. Needi...

  • DJ Spider

    DJ Spider View Profile

    Whether you’re rocking out to his set at an LA hotspot or listening to one of his mixtapes, the unique style of DJ Spider is apparent. Though his roots stem from a deep love for hip-hop, Spider has cultivated his sound to include an eclectic mix of cuts that transgress nearly every genre of music. No matter what kind of crowd, he is guaranteed to rock the party playing house, hip hop, dubste...

  • Croatia Squad

    Croatia Squad View Profile

    The art of sensitive noise and subtle sounds and beats is what CROATIA SQUAD is all about, as well as one of Switzerland’s most on demand and respected deep and tech house producer and DJ. Within the past four years, Croatia Squad has been delivering high quality deep and tech house with releases on some of the biggest and most respected labels in Electronic Music such as, Toolroom Re...

  • Tom Staar

    Tom Staar View Profile

  •  Stafford Brothers

    Stafford Brothers View Profile

  • Bobby Stanton

    Bobby Stanton View Profile

  • Riva Starr

    Riva Starr View Profile

    Just when you think you know Riva Starr... He’ll probably confuse you with yet another side to his musical personality. Don’t call him fickle, though. Try bored. Try excitable. Try unpredictable... And then some! As Philippe Stark once famously said “I do not try to please everybody, I make what I can, how I can, when I can. […] I try to deserve to exist by doing ...

  • The State Birds

    The State Birds View Profile

    *Mike Seal on Guitar  (Jerry Douglas Band, Sierra Hull)   *Neal Fountain on Bass (Jimmy Herring Band, Randall Bramlet)   *Bryan Lopes on Sax  (Atlanta symphony)   *Jeff Sipe on Drums (Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Phill Lesh, Trey Anastasio, Warren Haynes, Susan Tedeschi, Leftover Salmon, Jimmy Herring)

  • Chris Steele

    Chris Steele View Profile

  • Aaron Stephens

    Aaron Stephens View Profile


    DJ STEVEN View Profile

    DJ Steven Biography DJ Steven started DJ-ing professionally in 1990. He got the bug of turntablism from the early stars of hip-hop Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. His love for scratching and cutting took him to the finals of the first Bulgarian DMC championship in 93 where he won the title together with his team Tall, Fat & Small. In 94 they took part in the World finals...

  • Jon Stickley Trio

    Jon Stickley Trio View Profile

    Jon Stickley Trio has been making waves with the independent and fan-funded release of their 2nd album, Lost at Last, this past October. The originality and sheer energy of this genre-bending ensemble serves as a welcome wake up call for those who experience it. With roots in gypsy jazz, bluegrass, and hip-hop in an “exhilarating all-acoustic swirl” (Acoustic Guitar Magazine), ...

  • Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid View Profile

  • Jeremy Stott

    Jeremy Stott View Profile

    Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. This is something that particularly holds true for Canadian native, Jeremy Stott, who overthe last two years has established himself as a household name within the Toronto scene. Whether it’s one of his captivating DJ sets opening for the likes of Anna, Luciano, Santé, Luigi Madonna, Gardens of God and Hollen or his...

  • Liquid Stranger

    Liquid Stranger View Profile

  • Little Stranger

    Little Stranger View Profile

    Born and raised in Philly and crash-landed in Charleston, John and Kevin Shields are the minds behind the quirky indie hip-hop group Little Stranger. Performing as a duo, Little Stranger is a fresh hybrid of John’s singer-songwriter magnetism and Kevin’s hard hitting, in-your-face delivery. Stylistically reminiscent of Gorillaz and Twenty One Pilots, Little Stranger inhabits a relat...

  • The Stray Birds

    The Stray Birds View Profile

    All originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Stray Birds started as a duo of acoustic buskers in early 2010 when Maya de Vitry and Oliver Craven met with their instruments, their voices, and their songs. It didn't take much convincing to get bassist Charlie Muench on board, and with the addition of a third unique and powerful voice, the group began to define its captivating sound. Seven...

  • Kendall Street Company

    Kendall Street Company View Profile

    From the basements of UVA’s frat houses to the main stages at venues throughout the East Coast, the Company has broken out of the college bubble and into a world that loves to groove to a great live show. The band was founded in the early months of 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Louis Smith and saxophonist Andrew Drehoff. The duo had been playing together for some time in the greater Virginia Be...

  • Empire Strikes Brass

    Empire Strikes Brass View Profile

    Empire Strikes Brass (ESB) is a high energy Brass-Funk-Rock band hailing from the city of Asheville, North Carolina. Formed on the streets of their hometown, ESB is rooted in the New Orleans Brass Band tradition of second-line parades and deep moving grooves reminiscent of old school funk. Combining complex musical arrangements with thoughtful lyrical song structure, ESB can stretch out and dig...

  • Mike Stud

    Mike Stud View Profile

  • Tommie Sunshine

    Tommie Sunshine View Profile

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