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  • Morgan Page

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    Morgan Page was born in 1981, in Burlington, Vermont, and went to Champlain Valley Union High School. Originally signed to the now defunct Fiji Recordings in 1999, Page went on to record for John Digweed's Bedrock label, Satoshi Tomiie's SAW imprint, Force Tracks, and Nordic Trax. Prior to graduating from high school, Page did a weekly show at WRUV 90.1 FM in Burlington, Vermont, then w...

  • Painted Palms

    Painted Palms View Profile

    Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme are the creative force behind Painted Palms — a duo in the studio that expands to a five-piece band for live shows. The two grew up together on the same block in Lafayette, Louisiana. After Donohue moved to the Bay Area in California for school, they spent several years exchanging music they had made by themselves — hypnotic sound expe...

  • Sex Panther

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  • John Papa Gros

    John Papa Gros View Profile

    Born in New Orleans, John "Papa" Gros has spent more than a quarter-century championing the music of the Big Easy. He's played it all — New Orleans funk, rock & roll, jazz, blues, Americana, pop/rock, and he swirls those styles into a genre-bending gumbo that pays tribute to his influences while still pushing ahead into new territory. Like Allen Toussaint and Dr. John, G...

  • Molly Parden

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  •  Paris & Simo

    Paris & Simo View Profile

    As electronic music continues to explode throughout the world, a new generation of young producers is taking the scene to places it’s never been and Paris & Simo are leading the charge. The 21-year old duo from Montreal, Canada was formed in 2010 and has already earned support from some of the biggest DJs in the industry including Tiesto, Bob Sinclair, Hardwell, Max Vangeli and many othe...

  • Charlie Parr

    Charlie Parr View Profile

    Fans who have been following Charlie Parr through his previous 13 full-length albums and decades of nonstop touring already know that the Duluth-based songwriter has a way of carving a path straight to the gut. On his newest record, Dog, however, he seems to be digging deeper and hitting those nerves quicker than ever before. Along with the distinct sound of his custom resophonic gu...

  • DJ Pathos

    DJ Pathos View Profile

    At only nineteen-years-old, up-and-coming DJ Pathos, owner of Pathos Entertainment Services, is one of the youngest and most adventurous DJs of the local party scene. His passion for music shows through his mixes: from pop to EDM, anything he plays is guaranteed to be mixed with energy and enthusiasm. DJ Pathos is an entertainer of excellence and emotion, spinning together sound and mastery to pro...

  • Simon Patterson

    Simon Patterson View Profile

     "I've been travelling a ridiculous amount in the past year and I'm totally loving it!" says Simon Patterson in his lilting Northern Irish accent, in spite of already admitting his sleep patterns are jet-lagged to fuck and he's run out of valium. "It can be hard with the lack of sleep, but I'm used to that now - it's completely amazing seeing all these other cultures all the ti...

  • Jenna Paulette

    Jenna Paulette View Profile

  • Flux Pavilion

    Flux Pavilion View Profile

    Hitting the scene in early 2009 out of Towcester, UK, Joshua Steele (better known as Flux Pavilion) secured himself a solid stance in the dubstep world. His blend of hard smashing rhythms and manic basslines have certainly gained him an audience. Also as a musician he has incorporated his singing and instrumental talent into his tracks. Well known for his high energy sets, he is being booked home ...

  •  PeaceTreaty

    PeaceTreaty View Profile

    PeaceTreaty was created in 2010 by producer Josh Anaya. Later in the year Josh teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Angelo Patino to make PeaceTreaty a production duo! These boys have already earned support from TIESTO, DEADMAU5, LAIDBACK LUKE, AFROJACK, MOBY, BENNY BENASSI, KASKADE, CHUCKIE, WOLFGANG GARTNER, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, STEVE AOKI, JOACHIM GARRAUD, JOHN DAHLBACK, BT, TOMMY LEE &...

  • Brian Peek

    Brian Peek View Profile

  • Armand Pena

    Armand Pena View Profile

    ‘Live in the Low End’ is the mantra of Latin American DJ/Producer and Beta Rebels founder Armand Pena. A vibe reminiscent of South Beach’s sunsets and heat; Armand’s sound of Deep and Funky House with Afro and Latin flavor oozes from every pore of his sets. A staple in the Miami club scene Armand is a bit of a Jekyl & Hyde, known for his calm and kind demeanor juxtap...

  • Jesse Perez

    Jesse Perez View Profile

  • Katty Perry

    Katty Perry View Profile

  •  Pete The Zouk

    Pete The Zouk View Profile

    2010 starts with a blast, Pete Tha Zouk is editing his new single “I am Back Again”, along with Abigail Bailey (singer of several world hits) and Mastercris, released into the world market this February. The video clip for this single was filmed on the wonderful island of Florianopolis, by the prestigious Portuguese movie director Leonel Vieira. Also in 2010, Pete won the Radio Nova...

  • Bird Peterson

    Bird Peterson View Profile

     Bird Peterson, or Texas born Andrew "Old Shep" Hoke, is just what the doctor ordered. He prides himself as the Elegant Gentleman King of Hot Jams, and retains this title by his own doings. He's a scholar in the art of bass, a pundit of booty shaking, and an authority on what makes the youth of the nation bounce. Working through a mix of contemporary rhythm, low end madness, and...

  • Mustard Pimp

    Mustard Pimp View Profile

    The unclassifiable French production dynamic duo who continually trail-blaze new sounds and perpetually destroy the lines between musical genres. Blending a myriad of electronica, metal, rock, hip hop, and eclectic influences, The Baron and eKa of Mustard Pimp have garner fans from the all corners of the music universe. Baron can trace his roots to DJing acid and techno music, while eKa can ...

  • Tonn Piper

    Tonn Piper View Profile

    Born and raised in one of the most celebrated musical cities in the world, Manchester, MC Tonn Piper has been blazing a path through the drum n bass scene for many years. During this time, Tonn has earned the respect of audiences and his peers nationwide as well as an army of fans that travel all over the UK and Europe to watch him perform. Renowned for his versatile flow and flexibility to adapt ...

  • 12th Planet

    12th Planet View Profile

    John started over from scratch. After seven years touring the world as drum-n-bass maestro Infiltrata, after winning over icons such as Goldie and Photek, John Dadzie gave himself a new name, a new sound, and a new determination. It was 2005 and the gentile beatmaker was inspired by sounds he heard spun by the likes Technical Itch, Skream and Benga. It was dubstep. And it was his call...

  • Plastic Plates

    Plastic Plates View Profile

    Plastic Plates is the Dj/producer alias of Felix Bloxsom. Originally hailing from Sydney Australia, Felix is now based in Los Angeles. Plastic Plates’ distinct synthy disco sound has attracted both indie, dance and mainstream pop artists to commission remixes from Felix. These artists include Adele, Sia, Body Language, The Presets, Sam Sparro, The Human League, Sneaky Sound System, The Magic...

  • Bingo Players

    Bingo Players View Profile

    Maarten Hoogstraten wasn’t like other kids his age. When he was 10, his friends were buying toys to play with, but Maarten was already spending his cash on vinyl and CDs. “You know how it starts,” he said with a chuckle. “I was the one who bought records when I was young, I bought lots of vinyl, seven-inches, twelve inches, and when CDs came about I bought a lot of ...

  • 5 Points Sanctuary PowerPass

    5 Points Sanctuary PowerPass View Profile

  • Futuristic Polar Bears

    Futuristic Polar Bears View Profile

    It's fair to say that the Futuristic Polar Bears have had a phenomenal few years. With a combined skill set of accomplished DJs, producers and musicians, Luke, Rhys and Fran have become global favourites as the Futuristic Polar Bears. They’ve destroyed dancefloors in far flung destinations such as North America, India, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, China, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur,...

  • The Polish Ambassador

    The Polish Ambassador View Profile

    The Polish Ambassador (real name David Sugalski) is raising the bar for what it means to be a professionally touring musician. Sure, the electronic musician lays claim to producing the sweetest beats this side of the Milky Way Galaxy, but the world’s funkiest diplomat is also using his popularity to steer the millennial generation toward a nourishing and sustainable way of relating with art,...

  • DJ Politik

    DJ Politik View Profile

    At just 22 years of age, Los Angeles native DJ Politik has already established himself as Hollywood’s most in-demand disc jockey. Holding residencies at the hottest nightclubs in town and a favorite amongst L.A. scenesters, celebrities, models, athletes, and tastemakers, his influence on L.A. nightlife is apparent. A well-balanced, tasteful mix of hip-hop, house, 80’s, classic rock, & oldies...

  • Ana Popovic

    Ana Popovic View Profile

    Ana has been moving west all her life. She fell in love with American blues as a kid, starting back home in Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia), then moved to the Netherlands to study at the conservatory of jazz and world-music. She lived in Amsterdam for over ten years, and then in a single-minded pursuit of her art and career, she relocated to Memphis, TN to record and work with Southern musicia...

  • Kar Pow

    Kar Pow View Profile

  • Steve Powers

    Steve Powers View Profile

  •  Pretty Lights

    Pretty Lights View Profile

     Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied  in the live setting by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm  of electronic music. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground  in the basic form of bangin'...

  • Kate Priestley

    Kate Priestley View Profile

  • Ray Prim

    Ray Prim View Profile

    Soul | Blues   Imagine Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne heading over to Abbey Road in a cadillac convertible to pick up John Lennon and Paul Mccartney so they can catch the tail end of The Reverend Al Green's sermon.... There was no mistaking Ray Prim’s destiny as a child: he was born to make music. With lyrics that seep into your soul and acoustics that lov...

  • Eric Prydz

    Eric Prydz View Profile

  • Stacey Pullen

    Stacey Pullen View Profile

  • Chocolate Puma

    Chocolate Puma View Profile

     Many beautiful years have past between their first monster hit Give It Up and now. Born as first generation house producers, a complete musical revolution has taken place right in front of Zki & Dobres eyes: From the first simple sampler, to a complete digital studio built into a laptop.   DJ Zki & Dobre; who are they and what are they up to? Two simple but pressing ques...

  • Felonious Punk

    Felonious Punk View Profile

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