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  • Axel Moreno

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  • Erick Morillo

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     With his A-list celebrity chums, astronomical bank balance and palatial homes in Miami, Ibiza and soon Los Angeles, few people epitomise the 'superstar DJ' like Erick Morillo. The organisers of the IMS music conference in Ibiza certainly thought so, inviting Erick to give a talk entitled 'Big Dog DJs: Fuck You I'm Famous' earlier this year. "People definitely ...


    GIORGIO MORODER View Profile

    The father of Disco and Electronic Dance Music. Moroder is officially the oldest DJ in the world and a collaborator of the new Daft Punk album, he won 3 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes and 4 Grammys. An Italian composer from South Tyrol, Moroder made his first steps in music by releasing a few singles under the name "Giorgio" beginning in 1966, singing in Italian, English, and German. He came to...

  • Wax Motif

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  •  Motor

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    “Whenever possible, we perform live. We love the thrill. And it allows us to be true to the whole MOTOR concept . . .” Motor’s natural environment is on stage, where both generally mild mannered protagonists morph into strutting, snarling raucous rock gods, spewing take-no-prisoners techno prowling and pacing around. “We know once we get on stage we become someone and s...

  • Town Mountain

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    Raw, soulful, and with plenty of swagger, Town Mountain has earned raves for their hard-driving sound, their in-house songwriting and the honky-tonk edge that permeates their exhilarating live performances, whether in a packed club or at a sold-out festival. The hearty base of Town Mountain's music is the first and second generation of bluegrass spiced with country, old school rock ‘n...

  • Blue Mule

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    Blue Mule is celebrating almost fifteen years together. Starting with the core four; Tom Ohmsen on mandolin, Tim Rhodes on banjo, Eli Williams on guitar and vocals and John McBroom on bass and vocals, Blue Mule explores the “New Grass” horizons of music from an acoustic platform. Having recorded five CD’s to date, Blue Mule searches for a sound both unique and familiar. They h...

  • James Murphy

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    I was born in February of 1970, just missed the 60s, in Princeton New Jersey. My parents have passed away. My dad was a bean counter and my mom was a mom. My dad was really into big band jazz and small band jazz of the same era, but I have older brothers and sisters and they were into classic rock. Everybody played an instrument at some point. I played guitar but I was a singer in various new wav...

  • Shane Murphy

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    Singer-songwriter-guitarist Shane Murphy has been a mainstay of the Montreal music scene for more than twenty years. He is the quintessential modern blues/rock artist, taking inspiration not only from the blues and early rock ‘n’ roll traditions but also from the realms of funk, soul and reggae. Shane has opened for a number of internationally-known artists, including Adele, Buddy Guy, Creed...

  • James Murray

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    James Murray is currently one of the freshest and brightest talents around on the house music scene. DJ’ing for the past 10 years, James is the mastermind behind the successful Gifted brand, hosting events at the biggest venues across the UK, which helped bring his name to prominence. James’ first break came 7 years ago, entering a national DJ competition – winning the Area and Regional heats be...

  • Infected Mushroom

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    Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychedelic trance DJ act and electronic group originally formed in late 1997 as a duo by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani in Haifa. Both currently reside in Los Angeles. The group is known for the evolving musical style, which varies from acoustic guitars and choirs to complex synthesized basses and leads, often accompanied by constant switching of dr...

  • Infected Mushroom

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    Infected Mushroom - Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani (aka Duvdev)—has been the leading group within the global psy-trance scene for nearly a decade. Incorporating pumping, bad-ass grooves and infectious melodies and live instruments and vocals into their songs, they’ve performed live—a feat that many of their DJ peers aspire to accomplish—for well over a million people around ...

  • Huglife Music

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  • Kontraband Muzik

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  •  Myback

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    One night in Globe City, the metropolis of crime, grime and corruption, two rivals from the city’s most dangerous street gangs met: Blinks and Ultrabeaters. Blinks were run by John Dahlback who is known for his backstabbing basslines and infectious melodies, while Albin Myer’s Ultrabeaters had murderous beats and the most grooviest hihats to fight with. Instead of fighting each ot...

  •  Myon and Shane 54

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    Hailing from Hungary, Myon & Shane 54 have achieved extraordinary success in the international dance music scene, having established a solid reputation for themselves with notable releases including numerous Beatport number ones and consistent rankings among DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs. They produce for some of the biggest names in music, are constant fixtures in set lists of some of world’...

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