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  • Henrik B

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     Hailed by Tiësto as his Tune of 2010, and rightfully appearing as the first track in his "CLUB LIFE Volume One - Las Vegas" compilation due out April 4th, Henrik B's "Now&  Forever" is primed and ready to be unleashed to the masses.  Featuring legendary metal vocalist Christian Älvestam, Henrik B offers a truly colossal track that is equally at hom...

  • Brandon B Lee

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  • Arthur Baker

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  • Taylor Baker

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  • The Band of Heathens

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  • Chiddy Bang

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    The notion of "traditional hip hop" has changed forever. Whether you're talking about genre bending projects from superstars like Kanye and Lil Wayne or new artists like Kid Cudi, hip-hop has reached a tipping point and its followers are expanding their horizons. Chiddy Bang is a Philly based duo comprised of Chiddy (Proto,19, MC) and Xaphoon Jones (Noah, 19, DJ/producer) who combine elements ...

  • We Bang

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  • Nathan Barato

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  • Joanna Barbara

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  • Barem Barem

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     Mauricio Barembuem (aka Barem) perfectly personifies the new breed of electronic musician who has grown up in the digital age, using intuitive software programs like Reason and Ableton to spontaneously express ideas and emotions. Online distribution has also made it possible for them to reach out and connect with audiences across the globe, no matter where they are - Buenos Aires for ex...

  • Baron Baron

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     Jay Baron is a Dutch dj & producer, who started his career in 1997. Since then he has been performing dj-sets under multiple aliases. Jay has a wide interest in music. He started as a Techno/House & Deephouse-jockey, and since then extended his musical interest towards Funk, Soul, Disco and even 60/70’s Psychedelica. Nowadays Jay plays eclectic sets with an electronic base...

  • Alexander Barrientos

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  • Rafa Barrios

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  • Harvard Bass

    Harvard Bass View Profile

    Anyone who has ever watched the birth of a genre before knows that it almost always grows from the youth; the fresh perspective. Well, I’d like to present a candidate for that new sound in the form of new-comer Harvard Bass. Clocking in at a measley 21 years of age, this San Diegoan seems to have stumbled, with his first original track, on a hell of jackin’ banger. If you have ...


    YOLANDA BE COOL View Profile

    Yolanda Be Cool have played after Pitbull and Justin Martin, Flo Rida and Jesse Rose. They probably have Chuckie's latest bootleg, but they also likely have every song Jamie Jones played last night at their favourite Ibizan club, DC10. Their songs are in Britney's playlists, and Switch's. They have had a world wide number one, yes, but they also have a growing list of beatport hits, ma...

  • Magic Beans

    Magic Beans View Profile

    The Magic Beans are a funk, americana, and improv project from Boulder, CO that have built up an impressive national reputation and resume in their 5 years of being together. Averaging 100 shows a year since 2012; the Beans have been to 30 states and countless festivals across the nation. The group has their roots deep in the Rocky Mountain Region, Midwest, Northeast, and have just broken into ...

  • Grizzly Bear

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  • Shy Beast

    Shy Beast View Profile

    Shy Beast  Synth Pop Shy Beast was born an adult in 2017. Mature band, mature music. The band simply transformed naturally from its previous body, MCG. That prior musical entity built songs and a following, true. And as in all youthful things, it embraced life and sang about it, but it never, ever, clicked the box entitled “I agree to the terms of servi...

  • Blues Beatles

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  • Jack Beats

    Jack Beats View Profile

     The brainchild of Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts), a production duo from London, UK who are not only veterans of the music scene but also multiple DJ champions, and award winning DJs.  Jack Beats represents everything you love about the new wave of British house music. Wobbly basslines, big breakdowns and edgy accapella’s are cut, copied and pasted together...

  • Laika Beats

    Laika Beats View Profile

    “Laika Beats is one of those artists that’s in it for the adventure. You never know what you are going to get each time he shares his craft with the world and that’s just the way we like it.” -Scott Mills (Sound Advice Nightlife) Colorado native, Laika Beats (Joshua Elliot Thompson), has been making sonic and 808 jammed waves throughout the last...

  • Stylust Beats

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  • Foreign Beggars

    Foreign Beggars View Profile

     Foreign Beggars are a critically acclaimed Rap, Grime and Dubstep group based in London, UK. The group consists of MCs Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis, producer Dag Nabbit and DJ Nonames. Foreign Beggars are renowned for their eclectic and energetic live shows. Currently performing well over a hundred shows a year the group have performed with a number of high profile artists spanning a ...

  • Behrouz Behrouz

    Behrouz Behrouz View Profile

     San Francisco-based producer and long time dance music veteran, Behrouz Nazari is difficult to label as he reflects the music he creates and spins. “My sound is impossible to categorize, but if I were to give it my best shot, I would describe it as a Myriad of different subgenres of music I have experimented with during my past 20 years of DJ’ing. It’s composed of sexy ...

  • Charlie Belle

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    alt | pop

  •  Beltek

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  • Benny Benassi

    Benny Benassi View Profile

    If we’ve come to learn one thing about Benny Benassi it’s to expect the unexpected. Whether it’s electrifying tens of thousands of EDM lovers with his world-beating skill behind the decks, or conjuring up award winning, platinum-selling productions in the comfort of his home studio with his cousin and producer, Alle Benassi, by combining his innate raw talent with the hard work, ...

  • Marco Benevento

    Marco Benevento View Profile

    For more than a decade pianist Marco Benevento has been amassing an extensive body of work. His studio albums and live performances set forth a vision that connects the dots in the vast space between LCD Soundsystem and Leon Russell, pulsating with dance rock energy, but with smart, earthy songwriting to match. It has led to numerous high profile appearances, ranging from Carnegie Hall to Pickatho...

  • Dash Berlin

    Dash Berlin View Profile

    Dash Berlin is the future.  Dash Berlin is a true deejay at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of dance music. He is often described as an invigorating and charismatic newcomer, with the unique ability to leave a long-lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. Dash is one of those rare individuals that seems to understand the unwritten ...

  • Adam Beyer

    Adam Beyer View Profile

     Alongside Stockholms Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull and Jesper Dahlback, Adam Beyer has become synonymous with the techno sound of Sweden, which has quite literally shaken the world since the mid-nineties. From the driving percussive force of his Drumcode label to the more open electronic miasma on his current Truesoul and Mad Eye imprints, Beyer remains one of the biggest and most influential pr...

  • Hugo Bianco

    Hugo Bianco View Profile

  •  Big Boi

    Big Boi View Profile

    Big Boi transformed into his more mature self, Sir Lucious Left Foot, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day last year and began recording his second (?) solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. The day carried an extraordinary energy—similar to 5 years earlier on the same holiday, when Big Boi started working on Speakerboxxx, which went on to win two Grammy’s and sell 11 mill...

  • Bad Boy Bill

    Bad Boy Bill View Profile

     To call Bad Boy Bill accomplished would be a bit of an understatement. Voted America’s Favorite DJ (BPM Magazine). Winner of URB’s Massy Poll. Co-founder of, the leader in electronic dance music downloads. That might be enough success for some, but not for this world-renowned DJ. With over two decades of DJing under his belt, Bad Boy Bill is ready to release his f...

  • DJ Billy Seal

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  • DJ Bizzy

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  • DJ BL3ND

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  • The Black Keys

    The Black Keys View Profile

  • The Black Lillies

    The Black Lillies View Profile

    Over the summer of 2017, Americana darlings The Black Lillies launched an experiment … a songwriting challenge for themselves that forced them to be accountable to their fans.   “The Sprinter Sessions” were a series of live videos broadcast via Facebook Live from the back of their Sprinter van while driving down the highway or at stops around the country, from th...

  • Douglas Blake

    Douglas Blake View Profile

  • Mykki Blanco

    Mykki Blanco View Profile

    Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. is a 25 year-old New York based performance artist, poet and hip-hop musician who’s genius keeps his profile on a steady rise. Founder of performance art collective NO FEAR, Quattlebaum performs regularly under the moniker of Mykki Blanco, an unexpectedly brash alter-ego that manages to simultaneously blend the rap genre’s prescribed machismo with references to pionee...

  • Paris Blohm

    Paris Blohm View Profile

  • The Bloody Beetroots

    The Bloody Beetroots View Profile

       Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, better known as The Bloody Beetroots, returns to the dancefloor with his solo moniker, SBCR. While The Bloody Beetroots remain an eclectic, rock-influenced live band, SBCR is Sir Bob’s strictly DJ-performance project under which he releases dark, electro, dance-punk productions.  SBCR debuted in spring 2015 with his inaugural SBCR & Fr...

  • Those Bloody Yanks!

    Those Bloody Yanks! View Profile

  • Sydney Blu

    Sydney Blu View Profile

    Sydney Blu continues to establish herself as one of the top female electronic producers and Dj’s in the world. Her passion for success, hit singles on the Beatport charts, extensive globally touring and musical creativity has Sydney at the top of the electronic music scene. Originally from Canada and currently based in Miami, Sydney Blu's success has been built-upon numerous hit singles and ...

  • Amanda Bocchi

    Amanda Bocchi View Profile

    Amanda Bocchi is an Americana Soul artist emerging from the Blueridge mountains of Roanoke, Virginia. As a singer songwriter,  her sound is based in roots music, jazz harmony and a soulful voice that creates what she calls: Americana Soul Food.    


    KA BODIES View Profile

    Ka Bodies features individual and collaborative works by Jamiel, Sarah Bowles, and Stimulator Jones (Sam Lunsford). This electro soul/ contemporary R&B group immerses the audience in a multi-sensory experience. Light sculptures, mirror portals, fiber optics and a projected ceiling of stars transform the space.   

  • Auto Body

    Auto Body View Profile

     Conceived in and birthed from Austin's steamy underground houses of Rock, Auto Body is Live Indie Electro Fusion. Fueled by their shared bloodlust for sonic divinity, and armed with a war chest of synthesizers, samplers, rattlesnakes, and a bass guitar, Tibaut Bowman and Felix Moreno, crusade the universe in search of the electronic Holy Grail. Felix Moreno: Contrary to popular belief, Fe...

  • Leon Bolier

    Leon Bolier View Profile

    Introduction: A major force in second dawn of The Netherlands dance music, Leon Bolier is one of the most creative studio minds at work in the country today. Bolier has long since taken the music out of the studio and to the people. Playing hundreds of nights, and in front of hundreds of thousands of clubbers, this mission culminated in Bolier debuting on DJ Magazine's Top 100 chart in the ...

  • Axel Boman

    Axel Boman View Profile

  • Dharma Bombs

    Dharma Bombs View Profile

    Dhama Bombs formed in the heart of the Commonwealth with the intention of spreading Appalachian music with a heaping side of Dixieland. Featuring Trey Hall (guitar/lead vocals), Chris Gatens (mandolin/banjo), Sean Newman (bass fiddle), Clay Trinkle (saxophone/mandolin), Charlie Frise (trumpet), and Austin Tekamp (percussion). This band of of merry men continues to spread their musical antics throu...

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