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Smash Acoustic Stringed Music with Electro Dance Music and you get the first wave of ELECTRO SHINE. The experience is best described as a musical circus with multi-platinum artist Big Kenny as the Ringmaster bringing together a fusion of the most talented artists in genres like EDM, Americana, country, reggae, rock, pop, and hip-hop. Big Kenny calls it, "The New Movement of Muzika Without Prejudice." “I had this idea several years ago, and we started experimenting at the UofC (University of Creativity) in our mad laboratories! Insane talent crossed my path at just the right time, practically on my doorstep, as if sent by the Ultimate Creator himself! I have been on a mission since song one with this project,” said Big Kenny.” We started making Electro Shine because it just made us feel good. I figured, if it made us feel that good, it would do the same for others. I want to bring more people together in a really fun way. As a Godfather of the MuzikMafia and a leader of the Freak Parade, I do not take that lightly!!”


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