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  • B T

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    BT Armada Music, Perfecto Records, Reprise Records // USA "BT mounts mesmerizing journeys with his compositions. He is not only a virtuoso programmer, but an extremely gifted musician” – Peter Gabriel speaking to the LA Times. Career : Given his enviable resume and illustrious fifteen+ year career, it is difficult to imagine that platinum-selling artist, visionary producer, ...

  • Tina T

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  •  TAI

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    Where do you head musically, once you have worked with acts as diverse as gangster rappers and nu disco bands in your home country of Germany? What do you do once you’ve produced them a string of top 10 hits and multi gold status albums? You turn your skills to the upfront club sounds of ghetto-electro and ace the dance charts with a string of jaw-droppingly original cuts. Well you wou...

  • Pink Talking Fish

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    Pink Talking Fish is a Hybrid Tribute Fusion Act that takes the music from three of the world's most beloved bands and creates a special treat for fans of the music.   Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish are all more than just bands... they are Phenomenons.  Their creations have artistically inspired people and their mindblowing live performances have brought people togeth...

  • Lafa Taylor

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    Criss-crossing the intersection of intelligent Hip Hop, R&B, and Electronic Dance Music, Lafa Taylor is a colorful West Coast based singer, rapper, and producer. Lafa’s gritty, sexy, bass heavy beats confidently blur boundaries and captivate listeners with diverse musical tastes. His collage of tasteful multi tempo music, keeps people dancing and engaged. With a vocal style that ran...

  • Brandon Taz Niederauer

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    Fourteen-year old guitarist Brandon Niederauer is living proof that dreams really do come true. Having played in the most legendary rooms in America with some of the most prominent musicians of our time, the young guitarist/singer/songwriter has built up quite the reputation in the music world, welcoming the nickname “Taz” amongst fans and peers alike. It s...

  • Alexander Technique

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  • DJ Alexander Technique

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    Alexander Technique, has reminded us that he is one of the most innovative producers around today thru his collaborations and releases with Junior Sanchez, Harry Romero, Shawnee Taylor, Arthur Baker, Gina Turner, Kassiano & many others. As well as releasing numerous thunderous tracks recently on the likes of Ministry Of Sound, Todd Terry's InHouse Label Imprint & Steve Angello's Size Reco...

  • El Ten Eleven

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    “I really hope people don’t say that we are a math rock band!” doubleneck guitar/bass virtuoso Kristian Dunn exclaims while discussing his duo, El Ten Eleven’s, new album Transitions. Acoustic and electronic drummer Tim Fogarty adds, “We get labeled all kinds of things from post-rock to ambient to experimental... all of those make us cringe. So far my personal favorite label for the band has been ...

  • Todd Terry

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    Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn. Already devoted to turntables, he heard something different in those tracks, and he “went for the difference. I never got a break in New York, but England happened right away, so I catered to them.” In any event, the Todd Terr...

  • Mickey Test

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  • test test

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  • Nick Thayer

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  • Burn The Disco

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  • Tim the Enchanter

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  •  The M Machine

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    The M Machine is an electronic music trio hailing from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 2011 by Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrell, and Andy Coenen, the group has quickly risen to prominence on the strength of their wholly original and forward-thinking sound. Transcending genre, the group effortlessly bounds between hard-hitting dance tracks and thoughtful, indie-styled vocal songs, tying it all together...

  • Kill The Noise

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  •  The Shapeshifters

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    Purveyors of the finest house music and all round party people, The Shapeshifters have been at the forefront of dance music since 2003. As DJs, producers and label owners, they’ve set the pace with their unique kind of nocturnal grooves, and there’s no sign of it slowing down with the forthcoming release of their ‘Nikki Beach - In The House’ compilation for Defected Recor...

  •  The Squatters

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  • K Theory

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  • Naive Thieves

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  • Allen Thompson & Friends

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    The Allen Thompson Band, East Nashville stalwarts for the better part of the last decade, could very well be writing the soundtrack for their ever-evolving neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood that, like the band, has changed markedly over the years, ever since Thompson, a Virginia native, left his home state and headed west.   They’re a rock & roll band with roots in ...

  • Eddie Thoneick

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     Listening to Eddie Thoneick is akin to being grabbed by a musical whirlwind. Brilliantly crafting rhythms, soaring house vocals and diving, filthy electro beats Eddie has a passion for the dance floor and the music that surrounds it that goes beyond infectious. Whether it's ripping it up in the mix or delivering yet another sensational new production, it's nigh on impossible to sit still onc...

  •  Tiesto

    Tiesto View Profile

     Whether it be the 250,000 revelers coming together at Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro, the adoring clubbers who descend upon Privilege in Ibiza on a Monday night every summer, or the 25,000 fans en masse at Victoria Park in London, all are in attendance for the same reason: they have come to see Tiësto, the world’s biggest DJ/Producer! Tiësto, a.k.a. Tijs Verwest, is...

  • 40oz To Freedom

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    Dane Scott - lead vocals / lead guitar. Dane is a 6-time San Diego Music Award nominee for his work with the band, Tubby, and with 40 Oz. 40 oz won the San Diego Music Award for best tribute band in 2010. Dane has toured the country with Tubby, The Fryday Band, Smooth Move, and now 40 Ounces to Freedom. His soulful voice and face melting guitar riffs contribute to an energetic show which leaves th...

  • Amon Tobin

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  • Sleepy Tom

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    Vancouver upstart Sleepy Tom has quickly proved himself a young master of all things massive. His hometown parties and DJ sets alongside some of electronic music’s biggest names have earned a rep as Canada’s funnest. His internet incinerating bootlegs and official remixes (including an especially chunky take on Diplo’s “Set It Off”) can be heard everywhere from BBC ra...

  • Satoshi Tomiie

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  • Pete Tong

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    Peter "Pete" Tong (born July 30, 1960) is an English DJ who works for BBC Radio 1. He is known worldwide by fans of electronic music for hosting programmes such as Essential Mix and Essential Selection on the radio service, which can be heard throughInternet radio streams, for his record label FFRR Records, and for his own ...

  • Jeffrey Tonnesen

    Jeffrey Tonnesen View Profile

    Rising from the hippest rooms in downtown New York and the fashion runways of the world, Jeffrey Tonnesen has built a name for himself as an up-and-coming dance music producer and big room DJ. His unique style and tailored sound have caught the attention of international recording artists, yielding remixes for Icona Pop, Cobra Starship, Nina Sky, Dev and Topher Jones- with official releases on Ult...

  • DJ Tony Fresch

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  • Torro Torro

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    Torro Torro is the Toronto based production duo of Mike ("Digits") Gonek and Evan "Yo Ev" Norton. The duo masterfully create an identifiable brand of contemporary party music, influenced by hip hop, electronic dance music and tropical riddims. Their remix and original productions have landed them the highest acclaim of their peers. Today there is no doubt that you will hear a T...

  • David Tort

    David Tort View Profile

    David Tort’s limitless scope and approach to production has played a large part in making him the impressive artist and DJ he is today; intensely focused on making whatever he does the best that it possibly can be. Tracks like his Remixes for Gui Boratto “No Turning Back”, Giordano "Amazonia" or his solo single "Lost in Acid” have sweeped through dancefl...

  • Viviana Toscanini

    Viviana Toscanini View Profile

    Viviana Toscanini is a South American native who's musical roots run deep in the family tree. Born in beautiful Uruguay, Viviana has had music in her blood since a young girl. A father who is a singer and songwriter, brothers who are percussionists and play the guitar and it was only fitting that when she moved to the United States she would find love for House music. Vivian...

  • The Tourist

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    Dude is the dopest Run, don't walk, to wherever he's playing

  • B. Traits

    B. Traits View Profile

     To simply mix two records can easily be accomplished by almost anyone, but to put the dance floor into a hypnotic state of movement and emotional backlash is an art form all to itself. This art form has not only been admired, but closely studied and refined by Vancouver's youngest female DnB, Dubstep & Mashup DJ, B.Traits. Born and raised in Nelson, B.C., B.Traits discovered her a...

  •  Transcendence Dance

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  • Tommy Trash

    Tommy Trash View Profile

  • Elvin Traverso

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  • Laser Trees

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  • Jay Tripwire

    Jay Tripwire View Profile

    “A full pelt wavering between tribal moments,& more modest slabs of Detroit-inspired soul. The crowd respond at every turn.”– Steve McLay, DJ MAG Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit text...

  •  Tritonal

    Tritonal View Profile

    Watch a live performance by TRITONAL and you’ll understand what all the hype is about. After making a name for themselves as the up-and-comers to watch, the American production and DJ duo consisting of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have firmly situated themselves as one of the most electrifying acts in the international EDM scene. Their zest for life and music is apparent to anyone who's w...

  • Timmy Trumpet

    Timmy Trumpet View Profile

  • King Tuff

    King Tuff View Profile

    KING TUFF (Sub Pop Records) King Tuff’s new record is called Black Moon Spell. It was produced and recorded by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, California, in the hot winter of 2014. No one involved was prepared to make a record, but an invisible hand pushed them to do it. Perhaps it was God or that special someone we all know and love called The Devil. God and The Devil actually ha...

  • Swanky Tunes

    Swanky Tunes View Profile

    Of all the exciting new house sounds coming out of the East these days, Swanky Tunes ranks among the most noteworthy. The group formed in 1998, experimenting with different electronic styles in pursuit of their own sound. At first, there were techno sounds mixed with vintage synthesizers. Then the group moved into a distinctly big-beat influenced sound. These days, hints of the techno, electro-80'...

  • Gina Turner

    Gina Turner View Profile

    Originally hailing from New York, Gina Turner grew up with the NYC House sounds of clubs like Shelter and Sound Factory. Drawing inspiration from places such as these, she moved to Boston and gained her own radio shows on 88.9 WERS and 99.9 WECB. She soon became a staple in the Boston club scene and then in 2006 moved to Los Angeles. In LA she formed the DJ duo STACCATO and continued with radio...

  •  TV Rock

    TV Rock View Profile

    There are few boxes left for TV ROCK to tick. Double ARIA Award winners, the duo, comprised of GQ DJ of the Year Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough have been dominating the charts for the past 5 years. TV ROCK has spent the longest time in ARIA history inside the top 10 for their debut single Flaunt It and have had no less than 9 number #1 positions on the ARIA Club chart for their remixes and originals...

  • DJ Twin Spin

    DJ Twin Spin View Profile

  • Bassbin Twins

    Bassbin Twins View Profile

     Bassbin Twins were born in Los Angeles, moved to Belgium, and are now based in San Francisco. Started in 1992 simply because of a "love for the beats", they've recorded for Skint, Belgian Breaks, Southern Fried, and others, as well as their own numerous one off independent releases. A live Bassbin Twins show is a remix of all their favorite music. Eclectic in nature, the conne...

  • EC Twins

    EC Twins View Profile

    Born and raised in the musically historic city of Manchester, England, Marc and Allister Blackham, also known as the EC Twins, began their career in the House Music scene in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 16. They quickly evolved from “flyer boys” to creating and running the city’s most successful night club: Eye Candy. The Twins excelled, drawing in crowds night after night con...

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