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  • E MA

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  • Juan MacLean (DJ Set)

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    Prior to becoming one of the most significant names on the DFA label, John MacLean was a member of Sub Pop band Six Finger Satellite. Initially, Six Finger Satellite fit in with the remainder of the Sub Pop roster, but after one EP, they took a sharp turn into herky-jerky post-punk inspired by Devo, Big Black, and Suicide. By the time they went to record their final album, 1998's Law of Ruins,...

  • Jai Malano

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  • Lazy Man Dub Band

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    The Lazy Man Dub Band came together in Fall of 2007 by a happy set of fortunate circumstances. Starting with Roanoke, Virginia, the band has been laying down the jams all across the state and leaving in its wake an exploding fan base. Constantly evolving as a group, Lazy Man relentlessly experiments with their sound, by bringing new and different arrangements to the table...

  • Thiago Mansur

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    MC MARIO View Profile

    Canadian Dance Hall of Famer, MC Mario is renowned for his live DJ prowess, for hosting a nationally syndicated radio show, for producing hit dance tracks and for collecting the world’s biggest hits, and for his line of compilation albums distributed in Canada by Universal Music. MC Mario is now celebrating 3 million albums sold in Canada, and he’s still counting. Mario was also...

  • Marky Mark and the CTC

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  • Stephen Marley

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  • Bruno Mars

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    #MySecondAlbumIsOutSon #Unorthodox Jukebox

  • Doc Martin

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    Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together. The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meaning to us all in some way, to his funky tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at ...

  • Justin Martin

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    As the late Oscar Wilde once said: life is too important to be taken seriously, an ethos that Justin Martin is sticking with despite achieving soaring success over the last six years as a producer and international DJ. Justin initially pricked the ears of the electronic music community in 2003 with his first record The Sad Piano on Ben Watts Buzzin Fly label. Everyone in the electronic music food ...

  • Tony Martinez

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  • Leyl Master Black

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  • Mix Master David

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  • Jordy Masterson

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  • Madd Max

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    Riddim/Trap Producer and DJ from Savannah, GA

  •  MC Yogi

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    MC YOGI (aka Nicholas Giacomini) grew up in Northern California, painting graffiti & listening to hip hop music. He spent most of his high school years at a group home for at-risk boys where, inspired by artists like the Beastie Boys & Run DMC, he began writing and performing his own raps for friends at house parties. Hip hop culture provided both a soundtrack and a creative outlet...

  • John McBroom

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    John McBroom is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Roanoke, Virginia.  Currently playing bass, acoustic guitar and singing for the newgrass ensemble Blue Mule, as well as playing lead electric guitar and singing for GOTE and M.C. Broom and the Jam.  John learned most of his chops with the band Red Weather back in the nineties and has been playing close to full time ever since. ...

  • Yes Mccan

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  • Aaron McDonnell

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  • Silver Medallion

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  • daniel mendez

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  • oscar merino

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  • The Merles

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  • Alex Metric

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    It’s all about the song for Alex Metric. Whether it’s an original track, a remix or producing a band, there has to be a personal connection. If he doesn’t feel it, why would anyone else. “It’s always about making something with real emotion,” says the 28-year-old DJ from London. “My core philosophy is to do whatever’s right for the song and to try and make it have some meaning to me. I put so much...

  • DJ Metric

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    Since the late 90's & way before legal age DJ Metric has been captivating audiences & clubheads with his wide-ranging electic blend of party rocking tracks, versitile DJ skills & flawless mixing abilities.

  • DJ Metro Rock

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    Pushing 13 years experience as a Professional Dj, Patrick Garcia aka Dj MetroRock was born and raised in San Jose, CA. Since then has played in mobile gigs all across all the Bay Area as well as Bars and Clubs in cities such as San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Oakland, Los Gatos and even in the Los Angeles area which he now resides to pursue his field. Also with great passion for musi...

  • Kelley Mickwee

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  • Dj Middy

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  •  Midnight Silence

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  • Miguel Migs

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  • Texas Mike

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    I DJ U Dance We Party Soundcloud: texasmike Instagram: texasmike twitter: texasmike Google+ ....LOL j/k no one uses that.

  • Ethan Miller

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    Colorful founder of the much-loved Bay Area dance collective, Friends and Family, Ethan has been making dance floors sweat since 1993. Known early in his career for hard Acid and Techno sets, the years since have revealed a taste for Breaks, House, Tech House, Deep House, and of course Techno of all flavors. While currently turning up at DISTRIKT, BrassTax, Space Cowboys, Strategik, MotorCi...

  • Tech Minds

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  • Hudson Mohawke

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    Ross Birchard is the one of the most exciting record producers to come out of Scotland in the last ten years, seducing rap-heads and ravers alike with his neon-lit R&B and warehouse smashing low-end beats. Now, as the unlikely poster boy for a new generation of genre-mangling UK artists, he’s touring his live festival & club shows across the globe & producing for chart- topping urban-pop names...

  • Zita Molnar

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  • Pharoahe Monch

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  • Cookie Monsta

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  • Made Monster

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  • Ryan Montbleau

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    Ryan Montbleau has been an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and bandleader for more than a decade, but with his new album I Was Just Leaving  the New England-based artist has truly arrived. Contemplative and richly emotive, the album offers a glimpse into the often-lonesome life of the relentlessly traveling troubadour, a strikingly single-minded existence too often clouded by the bl...

  •  Moonbeam

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     "2010 has been a very successful year," admit Russian brothers Moonbeam, who - contrary to moniker and oft-tie-dyed appearance - specialise not in psy-trance but things of a more progressive nature (albeit often with a solid trance backbone). It's an asset aptly showcased on latest album 'Around The World', a genre-splicing affair with considerable crossover appeal that has dominat...

  • Andy Moor

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     Grammy-nominated Andy Moor has been a fixture in the Top 100 poll for a few years now. A child musical prodigy, he played his first record at 13 and by the age of 21, he was playing a slew of international gigs. Now one of the most respected trance people from the UK, he's established his label, AVA Recordings, and accomplished a number of notable remixes and mix comps. "I've had an a...

  • Micha Moor

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    Since his worldwide hit Space, there's no doubt that Micha Moor belongs to the leaders in the international electro house scene. Space was #1 in all relevant international dance charts and was on the top of the Beatport listing for weeks. It was supported and played by DJ's such as Bad Boy Bill, Moby, Armand van Helden, Tiesto and David Guetta all over the world. His follow-up singles Close You...

  • Matthew Morales

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  • Bart B. More

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     Bart van der Meer, AKA Bart B More, has quickly become one of the brightest new stars in the international electronic music scene. He has consistently been crafting dancefloor destroyers that have received massive support from prominent DJ's around the world. Bart first gained exposure as a promising newcomer to the Dutch scene. Combining his love for beat-driven, looped techno music ...

  • Axel Moreno

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  • Erick Morillo

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     With his A-list celebrity chums, astronomical bank balance and palatial homes in Miami, Ibiza and soon Los Angeles, few people epitomise the 'superstar DJ' like Erick Morillo. The organisers of the IMS music conference in Ibiza certainly thought so, inviting Erick to give a talk entitled 'Big Dog DJs: Fuck You I'm Famous' earlier this year. "People definitely ...


    GIORGIO MORODER View Profile

    The father of Disco and Electronic Dance Music. Moroder is officially the oldest DJ in the world and a collaborator of the new Daft Punk album, he won 3 Oscars, 3 Golden Globes and 4 Grammys. An Italian composer from South Tyrol, Moroder made his first steps in music by releasing a few singles under the name "Giorgio" beginning in 1966, singing in Italian, English, and German. He came to...

  • Wax Motif

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  •  Motor

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    “Whenever possible, we perform live. We love the thrill. And it allows us to be true to the whole MOTOR concept . . .” Motor’s natural environment is on stage, where both generally mild mannered protagonists morph into strutting, snarling raucous rock gods, spewing take-no-prisoners techno prowling and pacing around. “We know once we get on stage we become someone and s...

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